Flora + Fauna


50 min | 2018 | Black or white box | Medium/Large space

FLORA + FAUNA in development

New work in development exploring our relation to nature and environment, cause and effect, tipping point and the fear of the natural through eyes of botany and 80’s sci-fi.


Premier Nov 2018.


FLORA + FAUNA/THE WILD a.k.a. Birds & Bees & Bodies & Space a.k.a. BACK TO NATURE a.k.a. au Naturel (working title!) It is exploring the body as way to return to nature, to the animal instinct inside, to unlock the body’s intelligence and better learn to listen the natural world again. The performers exist in a interconnected matrix of set, light and sound, affecting each other and the space in a chain of cause and effect. In parts beautiful, in parts grotesque - underpinned by a riff of the 80’s in a stunning soundscore by OCHO’s Stace Gill.




Riksteatern production residence Stockholm 2018.10.08-2018.10.28


Developement in community D-Light Studios, Dublin 2018.05.19-2018.06.02


Studio sharing of work in progress 17.12.15, 16.00 @dance Ireland | Hatch residency


Work in progress sharing 17.08.10 @Kuntsi, Vaasa | Nordiska Dansresidenset



Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller


Music: Stace Gill/OCHO


Visual design: Maria Nilsson Waller


Cast: Lucia Wickham, Marcia Liu, Kevin Coquelard, Elin Hedin


Text: Emma Fitzgerald


Dramaturg: Liv O'Donoghue


Marketing manager: Noelia Ruiz


Supported by: Dance Ireland, Pohjanmaan tanssin aluekeskus /

Regionala danscentret i Österbotten, Riksteatern Sweden.











Phone: (+353) 0852439820

(+46) 0735685170



Merry.Go.Round TOUR


18.05.01 Dance Limerick

18.05.02 Glor, Ennis

18.05.08 Townhall, Galway

18.05.09 Ballina Artscentre



Work in progress sharing Flora + Fauna, 16.00. @danceireland.



HATCH residency, @danceireland

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