Maria Nilsson Waller 2015 © All Rights Reserved


2014, 40 min


Alternative Space/Site Specific

Original Soundscore

Low Tec Spec




We know more about the surface of the moon and Mars than we know about the bottom of the deep ocean. …Maria's choreography brings nature into the performance space, mapping vast territories in human movement and voice, transforming the raw concrete of a vacant office space into a world resonating with the wonders of the sea. Following Last Land (2012) Founder is part two of a triptych of work exploring the unknown and mans relationship to nature and environment.


This site specific piece was originally commissioned by Galway Dance Days.


Dance: Louise Perming, Anna Olofsson, Katherine O'Malley.

Choreography/Music/Light: Maria Nilsson Waller



"Stunning soundscore.... beautiful choreography... strong performances. Mesmerising.... immersive..."


"Provocative, and atmospheric, this wonderful 40mins quartet seamlessly flows, from beautiful solos to duets and trios and quartets for wonderfully trained and exciting dancers."


"...engaging, resonant images and an undercurrent of darkness beneath..Maria navigates this flow with appealing skill and sensitivity"