Maria Nilsson Waller 2015 © All Rights Reserved



2014, 40 min


Alternative Space/Site Specific

Live Music

Young Audiences

Low Tec Spec





Based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurodice, Journey is a piece aimed at audiences aged 9-13 years old. At times dangerously close it is a thrilling experience for the audience who will follow Orpheus and Eurydice around the rooms and corridors - familiar spaces now transformed in to an underworld wonderland. Safely guided by a man and his electric guitar, we take part in the story of our young heroes, sharing their joys and grieves. A beautiful depiction of young love, Journey is a piece that erases the separation between audience and performers, engaging all senses.


Designed to be a first time encounter with dance, ‘Journey’ was the creative highlight in Dublin City Council’s Children’s free Art in Libraries Autumn programme 2015. It was commissioned by the Council’s Arts Office as part of its policy of providing free access to the arts for children..


Choreography/Set/Costume: Maria Nilsson Waller

Music: José Miguel Jimenez

Dance: Lucia Kickham and Neil Brown