Maria Nilsson Waller 2015 © All Rights Reserved


2017, 50 min

Black Box


Merry.go.round is the latest and final piece in Maria Nilsson Waller’s triptych based on unclaimed territories. The piece looks beyond our world into the great vast blackness of the cosmos in order to examine our most human of concerns: the search for true love and what it is we call home.


In this otherworldly realm of celestial bodies five characters orbit each other. Some are destined to converge, others to split apart. They all long for authentic connections in a world where every man is an island. Caught between construction and deconstruction it is a marvel universe both beautifully simple and incredible messy.


Rebel Swedish jazz band Je Suis!, NASA recordings of the solar system and iconic opera music all feature as part of the eclectic soundtrack. Strange yet familiar, with a touch of cinematic sci-fi, merry.go.round is never the same twice.


Choreographer: Maria Nilsson Waller

Performers: Elin Hedin, David Nondorf, Marcia Liu, Justine Cooper, Mikel Aristegui

Soundesign: Maria Nilsson Waller

Lightdesign: Stephen Dodd