Maria Nilsson Waller 2015 © All Rights Reserved


2013, 20 min


Original Soundscore

Black Box

Low Tec Spec




In a town in the north of Sweden, in the forest at the end of a street, lies a powerplant. I grew up among birch and pine, to the hum of electric wires, of birdsong, of footsteps in the snow and the long, slow passing of trains, their flickering yellow lights strung out across the night landscapes. I grew up to sounds that travel around and above.

This piece is about that landscape - the lake, the forest, and the music that shaped me, memories of a place where I feel at home. The music, mood, light and sounds, my parents' house, the grandfather clock ticking, the out-of-tune piano. It is about the twilight melancholies of that place, about times that have passed, a longing for home. About going home, finally crossing over.

Choreography/Performance/Music/Visuals: Maria Nilsson Waller



Maria Nilsson Waller possesses as a choreographer and dancer a richness in nuance and shapness in detail, giving her work poetic dimesions. There is no direct translation..


..The ungraspable moment in waiting for the drop of rain to hit the palm of the hand..