Maria Nilsson Waller 2015 © All Rights Reserved


2010, 13 min.


Low Tec Spec

Black Box





..Black as salmiak, glittering frogs and rubber humans..


An epic and minimalist march through man's origins to his lost future, as told by the cockroaches who remain after him.

Hypnotic and captivating, this solo fuses several themes of interest, most noticeably a fascination with creation myths, and the dancer’s embodiment of different characters and members of the animal kingdom - insects in particular.

Music: Steve Reich



"Maria’s movement quality is supreme and it is an utmost pleasure to watch her. Both her dance expression and technique are so refined it is hard to resist the charm of her solo. Pure and entirely mesmerising"​


"with a silent and strong presence, summoning inner forces she creates a dreamy sensation of infinity"


"A standing still forward movement, the twilight shadow and then suddenly the warm light and sound against the cold. An endless journey that finishes in us, the audience, where the dancer is dissolved in a flickering dark nothingness. ".




" It is not wordless understanding, it goes deeper than that. Perhaps insight."