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Maria’s class aim to meet the multiple, individual needs of todays independent dancers. With a solid background in various Contemporary styles, Classical Ballet and Yoga, influences from a range of techniques appear in her class.


Attention is given to correct alignment of the skeleton in order to achieve greater freedom and mobility in joints and muscular systems, aiming for a healthy and sustainable use of the body. Making use of gravity, the different physical dynamics of the body, our minds presence, imagination and musical interaction, her classes offer a structure where the dancer’s strive for technical freedom, artistic expression, physical virtuosity and daily maintenance goes hand in hand. The class combines choreographed and improvised exercises and wishes to function not only as a place for dancers to prepare and develop body and mind, but also as a way to connect and exchange artistic ideas within the community of dance artists.


Maria is also offering workshop sessions where contact improvisation and partnering skills are combined with other techniques of improvisation/composition relating to body/self and space/environment, and how to apply this in a choreographic practice. The group will explore the use of site specific memory and improvisation as tools for creating choreographic scores with the possibility of extending into performance. (This workhshop can be adapted to suit non-professional dancers, actors, athletes, children etc aswell.)



Maria has together with drummer Magnus Vikberg completed over 190 workshops in contemporary dance for primary schools and teachers in the north of Sweden between 2012-2015, through Skapande Skola and Estrad Norr.


These classes are based on the same principles as for the professional dancer but on a physical and technical level that everyone and anyone can join, no matter age, condition or previous experience. The classes are a great first introduction to dance as an artform and combine fun movment to live music. Participants are also given choreographic tasks, aiming to increase awareness of dance and movement being an inherent universal language of expression available to all.


"After my recent experience of choreographing an entire football club I am more and more looking at ways of extending choreography from professional dancers to non dancers. I more and more feel the need to create the conditions for these groups to meet, and to allow artistic processes and human expression to be at the centre of this meeting ."


These classes focus on:


- Injury preventing warm-up of muscles and joints

- Encouraging the use of imagination, concentration and mental/physical presence

- Increased rhythm, co-ordination and spacial awareness

- Interaction with music

- Interaction with the other dancers in the room

- Providing tools to express impressions, emotions and observations through movement.


"I strive to create an atmosphere that is positive and encouraging where learning is motivated by curiosity and experimentation rather than right and wrong, good or bad. In these conditions dance will bring joy, tie communities together, build a positiv self-image, increase body awareness and offer constantly new possibilities for creative expression."



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