40 min | 2015 | Black box | Solo/small space | Live music

..through icy black waters and boiling stars ..

In Blanca, cutting edge jazz based sounds (by members of award winning bands Klabbes Bank and Je Suis!) meets a mix of organic and computer generated visuals and forceful choreography. It is a journey that is as much raw sound and physicality as it is a visual, moving and poetic reflection on the land and situation of the Sami - Scandinavias indigenous people and one of Sweden’s best kept secrets.

Drawing inspiration from videos games, psychology, creation myths and hours and hours of improvisation it is a tribute to the imagination and the creative power of the human race.

This piece was originally produced by Estrad Norr to be a mobile work touring minor communities of inland Sweden. Faced by the challenge to choreograph for a small physical space Maria gathered the ensemble in 2013. Almost two years later they premiered a complete piece of stage work that "rises above the mundane and expands to epic proportions in the mind and imagination of the spectator".

This piece has toured for school chidren age 9-12 years, as well as adult audiences.

Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller

Music: Klas-Henrik Hörngren and Magnus Vikberg           

Video design: José Miguel Jiménez

Supported by: Estrad Norr, Kulturrådet

“completely absorbing”

**** The Irish Times

“something extraordinary”

*** The Examiner



Solo. 15 min, 2021

A journey of change and evolution through the lens of a dancer’s body. This solo is also looking at the act of prayer in the body, prayer as an animal instinct. 

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