Flora Fauna Project


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We cannot save the planet until we love it, until we truly love.  

In 2017, Maria Nilsson Waller joined forces with multidisciplinary artist Stace Gill, founder of electronica group THE SEI.

Under the umbrella of production house "Flora Fauna Project" they have since together created a series of performances, talks, intallations, films and workshops exploring our relation to nature and environment, natural intelligence, evolution, metamorphoses, gender and sexuality, community and social dreaming. 

Flora + Fauna (premiere 2018) was the original creation, the genesis of many more projetcs to come.


To truly love we need to learn to access our own bodies and emotions, to empathise with each other as well as with our greater environment. This project is a response and solution to some of the most urgent and deep needs in todays society. Through performances, workshops and audience conversations, performers and audiences will be challenged and empowered to greater agency as human beings. The project reminds and inspires both performers and audiences to look within, honestly and bravely in order to retrieve their most authentic selves, and with that a truer and more planet conscious sense of discernment.


'This is Home': a community dance project in partnership with Estrad Norr featuring participants from three villages in Jämtland. | 'ROOM' digital dance platform | 'Lumen the movie' | 'The River Documentary' in collaboration with The Ringers. | Dance Talks: Firkin Crane, Dance Limerick. | Music video release 'Let it all go' | Dance Artist in Residence, D-Light Studios, Dublin.| Arbetsresidens Estrad Norr, Ragunda. | Turné Merry.Go.Round, Sweden/Ireland. | Bluebells film, D-Light Studios.


'Praying Positions/Metamorphosis' - dance solo piece | Audience Talks in collaboration with Christ Church Cathedral Dublin | Public workshops in partnership with  DCC and D-light studios Dublin | 'The Forest' choreographed for and with 80 school children from the Dublin suburb Ballyfermot in partnership with DCC’s Children’s Arts In Libraries Project | 'Lumen' - duo work for stage | 'The River' - a piece for 17 women of Dublin's north east inner city, Project Arts Centre. | 2 x Dance Platforms programming Irish and international dance in Dublin. | Music video release 'Sun Sun Sun' | Dance Artist in Residence, D-Light Studios, Dublin. 


'Flora + Fauna' stage performance | Music video release: 'Metroma' | HATCH residence, Dance Ireland | Produktionsresidens, Riksteatern Hallunda. 

Dance Artist in Residency at D-Light Studios, supported by The Irish Arts Council 2019-2021

Studio residency, Konstnärsnämnden Stockholm 2019.05.27-2019.06.09

Riksteatern production residence Stockholm 2018.10.08-2018.10.28

Developement in community D-Light Studios, Dublin 2018.05.19-2018.06.02

HATCH residency, Dance Ireland

2017.11.08 - 2017.12.16

Work in progress sharing 17.08.10 @Kuntsi, Vaasa | Nordiska Dansresidenset

Flora Fauna Project has been supported by: Kulturrådet, The Irish Arts Council, D-Light Studios, DCC/NEIC, Dance Ireland, Project Arts Centre, Estrad Norr, Pohjanmaan tanssin aluekeskus /Regionala danscentret Österbotten, Riksteatern Sweden, Kostnärsnämnden and Region Jämtland Härjedalen.

"What is more trustworthy than nature?" The Irish Times

“Flora + Fauna - a visual force of nature without pointing fingers"

Lanstidningen, Sara Strömberg