2023 | 35 min | Trio | Original Soundrack | Black Box | Interactive post-show talk | Age 8+

..our eyes are slowly opening..

Lumen exists in the borderland. Between music and dance, human body and machine, between sunset and sunrise.

Using sound, light, movement, video and voice the stage becomes a world that vibrates, shivers, thunders, glitters and glows. As if earth was speaking to us, urging us to remember, to go back to nature and to dreaming. Calling on the imagination and celebrating the innocent, the trio lets the body share shape with the land around us: with the trees, birds, the polar bears, the snails, wolves, preying mantises, sea creatures, rein deer, spiders, dragon flies, ant queen, fungus, tigers and more. We bow with everything we have under the sun and moon.

'If we could grant two gifts to humanity at this age it would be attention and discernment. Without them there will be no love. And with out love we cannot save the planet. Or ourselves.'

Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller 

Visual design: Maria Nilsson Waller + The Sei

Light design: Maria Nilsson Waller / Matt Burke

Music: The Sei/Stace Gill

Performed by: Maria Nilsson Waller / Stace Gill / Elin Hedin / Marcia Liu / Irma Von Platen

Supported By: Konstnärsnämnden, Dance Ireland

The LUMEN FILM was created in 2020, in partnership with Sjöängen Askersund and Dans i Örebro Län. Contact us for more info.



Solo, 15 min

A series of work focusing on nature, natural intelligence, evolution, metamorphoses, gender and sexuality, community and social dreaming.

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A journey of change and evolution through the lens of a dancer’s body. This solo is also looking at the act of prayer in the body, prayer as an animal instinct. 

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