2016 | 23min | Solo | Small Space | Black Box inside out landscape of a woman..

Inspired by and dedicated to iconic pop star and survivor Tina Turner, PRIME is a highly visual, triumphant celebration of life and female strength.

In the inside out landscape of a woman, resembling a post traumatic space we meet a woman re-building her self and her universe, as she is journeying from a time of black and white to life in colour. Set to some of Tina Turners best loved tunes this gripping and at times humorous solo is a personal reflection on the theme of domestic abuse and trauma recovery.

Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller

Visual design: Maria Nilsson Waller

Light design: Matt Burke

Music: Tina Turner

Sound design: Maria Nilsson Waller

Supported By: Firkin Crane

"with a silent and strong presence, summoning inner forces she creates a dreamy sensation of infinity"

"Maria’s movement quality is supreme and it is an utmost pleasure to watch her. Both her dance expression and technique are so refined it is hard to resist the charm of her solo. Pure and entirely mesmerising"​

Walker, Irish Theatre Magazine, 2011​



Dancetheatre, 50 min


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